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Increase in connectivity
to your beliefs, values, identity and purpose.

Tropical Leaves

It can often feel like a jungle out there and the painful experiences had while

navigating life oftentimes become too much. Through the therapeutic process, you

can explore and identify disordered and addictive behaviors, dysfunction, trauma,

interpersonal and relational pain, stressors, and what it is that you truly need.

What To Expect In Therapy:

It's a personal and relational journey where you'll receive compassion, empathy, understanding,

and time to build rapport so that trust can grow. Patience, because recovery and self-discovery take time. 

Effective evidence-based methods to cultivate a safe and ethical environment where you can explore, identify patterns, challenge and shift behaviors. Goal setting, treatment planning, and the

implementation of solution-focused interventions to reach those goals.

Important: authenticity and transparency are not only encouraged, they are crucial to the therapeutic

relationship and process. Without these, it is difficult to get a clear and honest picture of who you are, what

you're struggling with and need. So come as you are and allow me the honor to get to know you and support you.

Sunset Dream
The Climb
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